Neighbourhood House Philosophy

Neighbourhood Houses work within a community development framework.   Houses and centres do not seek to do for others but to empower others to do for themselves.  Members are encouraged to be actively involved in decision making and to have ownership of the programs and activities in their house or centre.

Neighbourhood Houses actively work to redress structural disadvantages through their philosophy, principles and practices.  They are inclusive and supportive of people from diverse backgrounds and with varying abilities.

History of Neighbourhood Houses

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres were first established in Victoria in the early 1970s.  The movement grew from the grass roots out of local community needs, particularly the isolation of women in the community, with the vision to bring people together and enhance the opportunities of people and communities.  

Frankston Area Neighbourhood Houses & Community Centres are represented in a DVD called "The Heart of Our Community".   Click here to watch DVD.

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