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Our History   1975 - 2023

BCC grew from humble beginnings in 1975 when a group of local women met to discuss women's recreational needs in the Frankston area. Arising from this, the Women's Activity Group (WAG) was born. It provided activities directed at women including recreational, self-help and parenting. It also addressed problems associated with attending these activities such as free childcare, transport and low cost activities. 


  • Women’s Activity Group (WAG) formed to help address non-participation in women’s recreation activities.

  • Problems identified were inadequate transport, lack of childminding, low income, lack of self-esteem, social and physical isolation.

  • WAG offered a 6 week program at Frankston Police & Citizens Hall planned and implemented by volunteers and 120 women attended.


  • 2 more programs planned, 18 activities over 6 weeks and over 200 residents were involved.

  • In November WAG negotiated with Frankston City Council (FCC) the use the old junior library (where PARC is now located) to run workshops eg 8 week dressmaking group, and other programs. WAG was then granted a 1 year lease and was co-tenants with the cricket club.


  • In January, WAG volunteers ran a school holiday program for the first time and it was attended by 140 children. This program transitioned to be run by FCC and they are still running is today.

  • Orwill St Community House was established as a direct result of WAG persuading council to develop the house which was earmarked for demolition, into a Community Centre as the area had very little community focus.

  • WAG established a tenant’s union supported by local solicitors on a roster basis. This service transferred to Orwill St CH.

  • A women’s refuge was established by WAG committee members to cater for abused women and children, supported by community agencies and Frankston Police.


  • A 3 day workshop for parents was held – ‘Your child and you’ where 180 children were cared for by WAG volunteers while their parents, mainly mothers, attended.


  • FCC granted WAG use of a house at 28 Dandenong Rd on a rental basis as a Community House.

  • WAG was a hub of activity offering personal development, educational and recreational programs with childcare an integral part of activities.


  • WAG’s first manager was appointed – Carmel Teague, with Karleen Petrenko as the Co-ordinator.


  • WAG was Incorporated.


  • FCC served WAG an eviction notice as the site was required as part of the redevelopment of the CBD and the construction of the ring road overpass. No alternative venue was offered at the time.


  • After much lobbying and lengthy discussions between WAG and FCC, WAG was relocated on a temporary basis to 30 Dandenong Road, which had previously provided emergency housing.


  • FCC approved a building permit to construct the new WAG House, 36 Belvedere Rd, Seaford.

  • Auslan and Literacy programs were run at the Community Programs Annexe at Kelso St (Frankston College)

  • The Literacy program averaged 60-65 participants throughout the year with 30 volunteer tutors.

  • 140 people graduated from the Auslan program.


  • WAG Committee met with FCC regarding the proposed alterations and extension to 36 Belvedere Rd, as current construction was not compliant with child care regulations.

  • WAG was notified by Frankston College that it could no longer use the annexe and was relocated to a house owned by Frankston TAFE.


  • July – 36 Belvedere Rd was finally finished!

  • Child care facilities were registered and approved as a class 2 child care centre.

  • 30 August – Mayor Cr Michael Fuller officially opened WAG Community House.


  • WAG programs relocated from Kelso St to 36 Belvedere Rd.


  • Women’s Activity Group changed it’s name to BASE – Bayside Adult Community Education Inc due to the changing community dynamics and to ensure men were accepted.


  • Lauraine Patton & Roz Chiget appointed acting managers.


  • Sharon Allen was appointed manager.


  • BASE was changed to Belvedere Community Centre Inc


  • Kerryn Liddell was appointed as BCC’s next manager


  • BCC celebrated it’s 21st birthday at Seaford.

  • The driveway mural was painted in partnership with Belvedere Park Primary School, Patterson River Secondary College


  • Cathy Helion was appointed manager


  • Jenny Overmars was appointed acting manager


  • April – Meredith MacKenzie was appointed manager

  • BCC commenced conversations with FCC as the building was no longer fit for purpose and had numerous defects.

  • Conversations were held around redeveloping the Seaford Community Centre, Broughton Ave, Seaford as a hub with the Seaford Senior Citizens and the Seaford Library.


  • The redevelopment of the Seaford Community Centre was discontinued due to various elements making the development not suitable.

  • Discussions then commenced with FCC Family Support Services for a Child and Family Services hub to be developed in the Belvedere region with BCC as co-tenants.


  • At final plans for the new hub, the project was cancelled by one of the ward Councillors who had concerns about the footprint of the facility.

  • Committee members attended a FCC Council meeting where they asked the question ‘Are FCC Councillors aware of the dire need for a new premises for BCC?’.

  • Late 2019, BCC was encouraged to submit an expression of interest for the redevelopment of St Kilda Football Club ‘Linen House’ located at 151 East Rd, Seaford.

2020 - 2021

  • Conversations have continued throughout the 2 years of  COVID-19 disruptions around the development of the ‘Healthy Futures Hub’ at 151 East Rd Seaford.

  • We commenced using the board room at Linen House for our English as an Additional Language classes and the basketball court for our exercise classes due to room density levels imposed due to COVID-19.


  • We commenced using the Community and Social rooms during the day at the Davey Richardson Pavilion, 151 East Rd, where we will continue long term to be co-located with the Seaford Junior Football Club and the Seaford Cricket club.


  • 2023 BCC will again be on the move as our current building is no longer fit for purpose. On 10 July 2023 we relocated to the Healthy Futures Hub at 151 East Road Seaford where we are co-located with an amazing array of organisations with a health and wellbeing focus.

**We have  tried to be as accurate as possible with the information above and apologise for any inaccuracies or missing information. Please contact our office if you are able to supply further information or pictures for our records.


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