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Belvedere Community Centre (BCC)

Belvedere Community Centre is a not for profit organisation that is helping create a connected and confident community by offering all people a diverse range of community services, learning opportunities and resources for personal development.

All programs are conducted by highly qualified and experienced staff while management of BCC is overseen by a volunteer Committee of Management.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in March each year.


At BCC we welcome your feedback. This is how we manager compliments, complaints and feedback:

BCC Compliment & Feedback Form

BCC Complaint Handling Policy

BCC Complaint Handling Procedure

Belvedere Community Centre provides a welcoming and safe environment and has a Code of Conduct for all centre users.

BCC Committee of Management 2023

Belvedere Community Centre is overseen by a highly competent and experienced volunteer Committee of Management, which is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting in March.

President: Jo Forbes

Vice President: Mark Butterfield

Treasurer: Jenny Overmars

Secretary: Karen Doyle

Committee members: Therese Kennedy,



Manager: Meredith MacKenzie

Program Coordinator: Lauren Pearce

Administration: Lisa Fisher

Finance: Janine Gablek​

Teachers: Ronda Peacock, Rachael Kruse, Tracey Rogers,

Helen Tzourtzouklis, Melanie Anderson, Joy Green


BCC relies on the generous support of volunteers to assist with daily operations, general office duties, gardening, tutoring, committee of management and special events. If you are able to offer some of your time to BCC it will help to share the work load. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills. If you are interested, make a time to have a chat with our manager.


BCC grew from humble beginnings in 1975 when a group of local women met to discuss women's recreational needs in the Frankston area. Arising from this, the Women's Activity Group (WAG) was born. It provided activities directed at women including recreational, self-help and parenting. It also address problems associated with attending these activities such as free childcare, transport and low cost activities. 

WAG was incorporated in 1983 and has since had 2 name changes: Bayside Adult Community Education Inc and Belvedere Community Centre Inc. These changes were brought about by the changing dynamics if the community, one change was to accept men into classes. 

Over the years WAG / Belvedere Community Centre was housed in the Frankston area in other location. The Seaford location was purpose built by Frankston council in 1991.

New facility update - 'Healthy Futures Hub' - we moved in on 10 July 2023!

Belvedere Community Centre is very excited to let you know, we have had a fantastic opportunity presented to us! As many of you are aware, our 30 year old building is no longer fit for purpose and has many building non-compliances. 

BCC has been identified as the priority community organisation to be part of the St Kilda Football Club 'Linen House' redevelopment at 151 East Road, Seaford.

St Kilda Football (SKFC) operate some community football programs from Belvedere Reserve (Linen House) in Seaford. Council is proposing a new lease agreement for the site that is largely closed to the public and under-utilised. The new proposed lease would replace the existing lease and license agreements and the site would be utilised as a community-facing multipurpose facility, delivering numerous benefits for the community.

SKFC propose to run the facility as a ‘Healthy Futures Hub’ with a number of complimentary sub-tenant partners to meet the vision: To provide community benefit under the broad umbrella of health and well-being with specific benefit targeted towards Frankston's vulnerable groups.

Belvedere Community Centre (BCC), which Council has identified as a priority organisation is to be included as a sub-tenant as their primary base to service the community. Renovations are planned to be completed by mid 2023.

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